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Car wash water gun

Car wash water gun accessories

1. High-quality metal coated water gun (aluminum alloy water gun is the best, followed by zinc alloy, and then copper)
2. High-grade water pipes (good water pipes are tasteless, resistant to freezing and sunlight, high pressure)
3. Quick plastic (or all copper) water connector/water stop connector


1. Connect the faucet as shown in the figure and open the water valve
2. Adjust the rotating head of the water gun to rotate at different angles, and the water flow can be adjusted to umbrella, scattering, and direct
3. Press the handle of the water gun to empty the air in the water pipe first, and then rinse after the water is discharged

Car wash common sense

1. It is not advisable to brush the car immediately after parking. It is best to clean it after 10-15 minutes, otherwise the paint will suddenly become cold and cause cracks. 2. Do not wipe the car with a dry towel after washing the car. It is best to use a wrung wet towel or Cotton cloth 3. Too much car wash liquid, generally 3-4 times a month is appropriate

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